Bobby Shmurda’s mom shares good news about his release from prison

According to reports Bobby Shmurda has been granted early release from prison on February 23, 2021. If the reports are true then the Brooklyn Emcee will come home almost a year earlier as Bobby’s current release date is Dec. 11, 2021.

Now Bobby’s mother very much confirms that Hot Boy rapper is coming home in February this year. She took to Instagram to update about her son, “My #MCM….. I am counting down just wishing we could run straight to February right quick,” she captioned the pic. “The come back wil be Epic!!! I can’t wait to hug my child it had been almost a year anxiety is getting the best of me”, wrote Leslie Pollard.

From February 23 until his terms expires, Bobby will be under parole supervision of some level.


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On a call, Shmurda promised his fans he will be “right there” with Rowdy Rebel who was released recently.