Cardi B clap backs at claims that Offset paid Celina Powell for abortion

Few days ago when Instagram model Celina Powell tried hard to be in headlines while she claimed in a video clip on Tiktok that rappers like Offset, Eminem, Gucci Mane and others offered her $50K to abort, much of the flak was caught by Migos rapper Offset who has just reconciled with his wife Cardi B, who was on verge of divorcing him.

A user tookΒ  shots on Cardi B referring to Celina’s latest claims regarding Offset as he questions why Cardi took Offset back, to which Cardi B shared a screenshot which shows Celina Powell has been sued in the past for lying.


Meanwhile Celina Powell has said on her recent tweet that she was just trolling and Cardi B can’t take jokes.