Drake was fined by Golden State Warriors head coach

On Sunday before the Warriors’ fixture against Toronto Raptors, Drake’s favorite team, Steve Kerr told about the time he penalized Drake with $500 for being late to the team’s flight after a game in San Francisco. Draymond Green and Steph Curry, were with Drizzy.

According to Warriors coach , both players and the certified G.O.A.T were charged $500 for their mistake: “We had a home game, and we were flying to L.A. after our home game, and we all got to the airport and Steph and Draymond weren’t on the plane,” Kerr started,” We had a team rule at the time, that you could bring a friend on the plane a couple times a year, and unbeknownst to me Steph decided to use one of his slots for Drake,” NBA coach described. “When they all finally showed up for the plane, they were all immediately fined for being late.”

In the past few years, Drake has become known for his sideline activity at games. In 2013, Canadian rapper was named as the Toronto Raptors’ Global Ambassador and has been supporting his team since. Team gave him a custom-made, diamond-encrusted sports jacket with estimated worth of 769,000 dollars.

So it doesn’t matter for Golden State Warriors head coach if you are the one of the biggest artist in music world, if you are late- you pay … While Kerr shared Drizzy story he also added that rapper handed over his money with ease.

Here’s not so old video of Drake enjoying the shootout with Stephan Curry