Funk Flex claims Drake is better than Jay-Z, uncovers infamous 2009 Drizzy freestyle

New York City’s Hot 97 radio host elaborated his viewpoint while also claiming that Drake’s 2009 freestyle on his show wasn’t originally written by the rapper.

Recently, FatBoy SSE talked about Drake and Jay-Z’s impacts as he argued that Drizzy was a bigger artist than Hov. Their influence on rap music is immeasurable and seems like it was inescapable that their statures collided again.

Present day- Funk Flex expressed that Drizzy would be the greatest rapper of all time, if not the Drake’s controversy about reference tracks surfacing in the past. “He’s too versatile, his melodies, he has the bars, and he had the songs,” said Flex on Million Dollaz Worth of Game. “If those reference tracks had never happened, Drake would have been my favorite artist of all time.” Then came the Jay Z question, “He would have surpassed Jay-Z in my book. If there was no reference ”


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During the interview question was asked multiple timesΒ  and Flex repeatedly said that he believes Drake is better than Jay-Z, but adding about the reference tracks influence on his current stance. “the reference tracks changed me.”-he stated

Funk Flex then spoke about Drake’s unworthy 2009 Hot 97 freestyle ,which was criticized heavily for different reasons, implying that someone else wrote the lyrics.

“You know that freestyle where Drake’s reading off the Blackberry? Imma tell you a story to that I never told nobody,” started Flex. “Me and Drake, we practiced that verse in the room already. He didn’t need the Blackberry becauseΒ we practiced in the room with no Blackberry. So, when the camera came out, he pulled out the Blackberry,” he said. “You wanna know why? Because as a rapper, if you look at a guy with a Blackberry you go, oh, he must have wrote those words.” He already knew the words when me and him were practicing in the room,” he continued. “‘Oh, the camera’s out? Let me show you this Blackberry as if I wrote these rhymes.’ He didn’t write those freestyle rhymes on my show! I knew he didn’t write it.”