Joe Budden assures Freddie Gibbs LL Cool J would wash him in a rap battle

On the recent episode of Joe Budden Podcast, The Slaughterhouse Emcee called Freddie Gibbs and mentioned his recent Twitter jabs at LL Cool J. Freddie insisted that they were just harmless internet jokes and he has no issues with the legendary Rock The Bells Emcee.

“No fucking way, No way, me and LL do not have beef, man. How can I have beef with LL Cool J? He’s one of the greatest of all time, founders of Hip Hop.”

Budden then called Freddie a “pu**y” and suggested he crossed the line.

Joe also suggested that LL Cool J would destroy Freddie Gibbs in bar to bar battle.

Budden asked Gibbs, “Who do you think would get the better of the other? I say LL,” to which Freddie replied, “Uh no. I mean, you think wrong, Mr. Budden. I mean, you know, maybe if this was 90-somethin’ or 80-somethin’, you know, LL is … that’s Jack The Ripper. I respect LL. He’s one of the best of battle rappers, you know what I mean?”