Lil Nas X wants to be more involved in politics

on Tuesday (Jan. 12) Lil Nas X was on the show The View to promote his new children’s book, C Is for Country.
He told The View co-hosts that he’s ready to change that.

“I definitely want to be more involved for the simple fact that I now have a platform and I can really have influence over what people see and hear and think about everything that’s going on, So even though it’s definitely depressing sometimes, they are conversations that have to be had, you know?” – he said in the new interview.

in June 2019 was one of the earliest examples of the artist speaking up, when he decided to come out as gay.

“I definitely wanted to be authentic from the start of my career, And also become more comfortable and confident in myself. And I feel like that was a bandage that needed to be ripped off to get to that place.” – Nas said on The View. ”

Watch Lil Nas X’s full interview on The View below: