Mustard & Roddy Ricch’s song “Ballin” is now certified 4X Platinum in U.S.

Producer Mustard and L.A. rapper Roddy Ricch’s 2019 banger “Ballin” is still gettin accolades.  On it’s latest updates RIAA has certified the collaboration from both Westcoast artists Quadruple Platinum as the song has sold more that four million units in United States.


“Ballin” was the second single of Mustard’s album “Perfect Ten”,it peaked at #11 on BIllboard Hot 100 and earned both of them their first Grammys nominations. Ricch said he knew the song was “hard enough” the first time he heard it, while Mustard proclaimed “this is going to be the one”

Roddy used this song on his debut album  Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial on “Elyse’s Skit”, track no. 10 . In the skit, which is an actual voicenote recording, the mother of a woman named Elyse sends her a voicenote, with “Ballin'” playing in the background, while the mother proceeds to say “I can’t get that damn song out my head”.