Playboi Carti back to studio for “WLR” Deluxe formation

Whole Lotta Red is already out for a few weeks and after an intense demand, Carti is starting to cook up the Deluxe edition. Anticipation has been growing, after Lil Yachty’s reveal that he’ll be featuring on the album with Future. Furthermore fans felt betrayed after their favorite track with Kid Cudi was left out, which many assumed would have been fire entry on Whole Lotta Red, will finally be included in final tracklist. On that matter, Carti invited his supporters in constriction of “WLR” deluxe, by asking them which songs should be included.

Now rapper has returned in the studio, perhaps to add some new vocals, inciting further speculation on whether rapper would be making any new songs for the WLR Deluxe. One way or another Whole Lotta Red Deluxe is coming, whether it has new music or unreleased fan favorites.

Playboi Carti remains one of the most unique artist, making listeners captivated by his mystery and obscurity. Whole Lotta Red is among the most interesting albums in last decade.

Carti’s photo from inside the studio was shared on Instagram.


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