Saigon says TikTok is a “twerk/@ss clapping application”

Back in the early 2000s, Brian Daniel Carenard, better known as Saigon was very popular. At the time, Saigon had signed a deal with Atlantic records, was being produced by Just Blaze and had collaborated with both Jay-Z and Kanye West. However, his career never really got off the ground as Atlantic Records never released his album. Later, he would get into several beefs with rappers like Prodigy and Joe Budden and his greatest claim to fame post-Entourage was in Season 4 of Love & Hip Hop.

Today, 20 plus years later, he is a lot more critical of some people’s decision to celebrate gun and booty clapping in spaces where young people might hear witness it.

Saigon’s beef with TikTok’s content comes as rapper Erica Banks’ “Buss It” challenge has gone viral.

Few days ago, Saigon wrote on his Instagram:

“I am convinced at this rate, 10 years they’ll be airing porn on PBS. We took Tik Tol(sp) from kids and made it a twerk/@ss clapping application,”.

He then added that he felt bad that he had to delete his daughter’s account because she has no clue about the dangers the app promotes.

He said, “Everybody ran and seen Cardi run and turn off the WAP song when her young daughter walked in the room, and it’s her song… She gets it…Meanwhile Emmis Communications/Radio One etc pump the songs into millions of listeners on Urban Stations a day,” he continued in his caption. “Not Adult Contemporary s###. The s### the kids are into. This overtly sexual society is like they new Rome… Thats why something as natural as sex, (which is how we all got here) can be manipulated and made to be.”