Vic Mensa’s non-profit organization was burglarized on New Years Eve

On Monday Vic Mensa spoke out, after his Chicago based non-profit organization, SaveMoneySaveLife  was robbed.

Rapper took to Instagram to reveal that entire donation inventory was robbed on New Year’s Eve. Charity founder started the organization in 2018, its goal is to “use art and entertainment to foster sustainable change” with a main focus being  Chicago, Mensa’s home city. “I founded the organization in 2018 to help the city I call home and since then we’ve donated 100,000+ pounds of food, over 50,000 pairs of shoes and countless PPE supplies since the dawn of the pandemic,” he said, before thanking “everyone who has supported us thus far”.

The non-profit lost over $40,000 worth of donated items, from new shoes to medical supplies. “Somebody brought a truck and emptied us out,” Victor Kwesi Mensah told in a video with disappointment , “Over $40,000 worth of brand new shoes, winter coats, sleeping bags, you name it.”


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To recoup losses sustained in the robbery, SaveMoneySaveLife has launched a fundraising campaign.

“When we arrived the morning of New Years Day, our team discovered all of our items ransacked and thousands of dollars worth of shoes stolen,” the organisation explained about the incident in a statement. “We had a huge shoe distribution planned (postponed due to COVID-19) and all the shoes we collected were taken.