Barack Obama heaps praise for Anderson .Paak

Aftermath singer/rapper Anderson .Paak has been consistently dropping some quality music over the years. After receiving lots of praise , .Paak has increased his fanbase to Obama family too as earlier this week former president of United States of America, Barack Obama praised the 30 year old talented artist from California on a recent video shared on Anderson Paak’s Instagram where Obama can be seen with professional surfer Kelly slater

“Anderson, Kelly tells me you’re a friend,” Obama said. “I love your work man Michelle loves too, but more importantly, Malia and Sasha love it. So, big Anderson .Paak fans in the Obama household. Take care, man.”

Recently on his traditional Year end lists for the favorite songs Barack  Obama added Anderson .Paak’s song “Cut ’em in” feature Rick Ross but the above shoutout is much special than that. In 2016 right after releasing his album “Malibu” Anderson .Paak got signed with mighty Dr. Dre since then .Paak has continued dropping acclaimed albums like Oxnard &Ventura, his last year song “Lockdown” is currently nominated for Best Music Video of the year at 2021 GRAMMys.