Cardi B Lands First Starring Movie role in upcoming comedy flick ‘Assisted Living’

It seems like Cardi B is all set to appear as a lead role in upcoming Hollywood movie “Assisted Living” ,according to a report it’s said to be a “raucous comedy”. Paramount Pictures Assisted Living‘s plot reads “On the run from the cops and her former crew, she struggles to find anywhere to hide. Running out of options, Amber disguises herself as an elderly woman and hides out in the one place no one will look — her estranged grandmother’s nursing home”. The movie is based on an original spec script by “This Is Us” scribe Kay Oyegun. A release date and more details are yet to be announced.

“Assisted Living” won’t be first time she is appearing on screen as Cardi B has appeared on 2019’s movie Hustlers in a side role she’s also confirmed to do a cameo in Fast & Furious franchise’s upcoming movie F9.  On the small screen Cardi B appeared on VH1’s “Love and Hip-Hop” she has also appeared as a judge on Netflix’s show “Rhythm + Flow”.