New Video: DaBaby “Masterpiece”

DaBaby drops the video for his latest song “Masterpiece”. The video features Baby’s girlfriend “Danileigh”.


Watch the below below:

“Masteprpiece” is produced by D.A GOT THAT DOPE. DaBaby first shared a snippet of this song last month as it got demands to release full version by fans.

Now serving the official version of the song , DaBaby can be heard rapping and referencing the walmart shooting back in 2019 “I don’t know what went down at that Walmart (Uh-uh)” . According to Baby, a gunman approached DaBaby and his family with a gun while they were shopping in the store and attempted to rob him, threatening the lives of Baby’s children in the process. In self-defence for himself and his family, Baby, carrying a firearm himself, shot and killed nineteen-year-old . Only charges DaBaby received for the incident were for carrying a concealed weapon. They were dropped few months later.