Dr. Dre hits studio after being released from Hospital,teases Detox

Yesterday we got a good news that Compton’s own Dr. Dre has been released from Hospital,today we are blessed with much better news. Aftermath producer rapper Dem Jointz took to Instagram and shared a picture of doc who has hit studio with his squad which includes D.O.C ,Fredwreck standing behind him. On the caption Dem Jointz also teased that Dre’s much awaited album Detox will be released in 2021.

According to media reports Dr. Dre went through Brain Aneurysm treatment and was taken in Intensive Care Unit in the first week of January. Meanwhile Dem Jointz teasing Detox release in 2021 may surprise many fans because rap mogul who first announced Detox as his final album 19 years ago confirmed in 2015 that he has scrapped Detox and the album will never be released. Well it seems like Doctor has change in plans once again.