G-Eazy cozied up to a pretty actress on the set of his new music video

  G-Eazy, wearing a red varsity style jacket, was spotted getting a little cozy with the woman as cameras rolled on the set, while his girlfriend Ashley Benson was not spotted in the area, which was probably for the best, as the rapper could be seen gently touching beautiful actress’s face as they sat on the hood of the car. Shoot was in Pasadena near Los Angeles on Thursday, track features Chris Brown but the singer was nowhere to be found.

 G-Eazy and Ashley Benson has been dating the since May 2020, they privately started their romance just days after the actress broke things off with Cara Delevigne. Close friends of the celebrities originally thought Oakland-born rapper was a rebellious rebound for Ashley, but now they characterize their relationship as-couple are “in it fo the long houl”.