BREAKING: Hopsin is back to making music !

It feels ages since Hopsin last released new music. One of the most talented hip-hop artists has been fighting psychological problems for the last few years but he’s finally BACK NOW.

“I just want to update you guys before I start releasing new music in 2021. Over the past three years I was in a really dark and depressing state. I felt like hurting myself. I felt like hurting other people. I had friends and family who tried to give me advices but I just wrote it off because I assumed that the issues and problems that I was encountering were above anything that they could comprehend. I created my own hell.”

“Music that is coming out is music that I made in those dark times. I didn’t put it out cause I was not ready to be artists publicly. I didn’t feel like being Hopsin. I made bunch of songs during those f**ked up times. I’m going to put those songs out in 2021 but I want to make something clear: I’m not in this place anymore. When you guys see those videos, I’m not in that place anymore. I’ve grown and made out of it.” says Hopsin.

Then Hopsin continues how he started therapy and finally overcoming the depression. Watch the inspiration video below!