ICE T says he respects Eminem

ICE T quoted video of him and Eminem from the time when Em was starting out, “Back in the day… When @Eminem was just starting out. Giving him a little Juice at @VansWarpedTour #HipHOP”.

A fan replied to ICE T’s tweet with the video of Eminem last year’s interview with Boxing Legend Mike Tyson where Eminem says first thing he ever heard anything in hip-hop was ICE T’s “Reckless”. Eminem’s Uncle Ronny bought him a Soundtrack and it had Reckless on it. Eminem revealed his Uncle Ronny liked rap before he did and he kinda introduced him to it, hip-hop spoke to him in a way like no other music spoke to him.

Hip-hop legend ICE T quoted the fan’s tweet and told the world that he has respect for the Detroit Emcee, “The respect is mutual… @Eminem”, wrote ICE T.