DJ Akademiks slams Kendrick Lamar says he’s nowhere near Drake

Hip-Hip media personality DJ Akademiks had some harsh words for Kendrick Lamar on his recent livestream. Akademiks who’s known fan of Drake, ranted how no one is holding breath for new Kendrick album and he isn’t in conversation of being in competition with Drake anymore.

There is no more Drake Vs Kendrick.Nobody talks about Kendrick and Drake anymore maybe like some delusional kendrick fans. It’s still like a two horse race..NO IT’s NOT. It’s over,it’s like that one ni**a (Drake) and then rest of you ni**as” exclaimed Akademiks. He later referenced to Drake’s 2019 interview with RapRadar where the OVO boss said he’s waiting for everybody to drop “Drake waited he was going to drop in 2020 then he got injured and even now these n**gas haven’t dropped they ain’t even got release dates.All of these ni***s are waiting for Drake to drop. They are not comparing to what Kendrick is doing.They are not comparing to what J.Cole is doing anymore.They are comparing to what Drake gave before

Akademiks criticized Kendrick Lamar for taking so long to drop as his last studio album DAMN. released in 2017.

Nobody gives a f**k if them n***s drop. Hold your breath till Kendrick drops but i ain’t. No we only want Drake,other than that we want Baby and 42 Dugg. Ya’ll music ain’t that good relax we ain’t waiting no 20 years for your albums.Get outta here.Atleast Drake feeds us every year,y’all n***s is coming every four or five years.Youngboy drops every week,these n***gas act like they cooking up some special meal. I am not even waiting for no Kendrick anymore but if it comes it comes if it don’t f**ck it”. 

Watch the clip below:

Meanwhile as of latest update Drake has pushed back his album and promised to drop sometime in 2021.