Freddie Gibbs says he’s down for a joint album with Pusha-T

Earlier today when a podcast Twitter account was taking polls who is current King of Coke rap between Freddie Gibbs and Pusha-T, Gibbs took notice of the tweet and gave the fans his opinion. Freddie Gibbs wrote he would rather make joint album with G.O.O.D music prez.

Back in 2019 when both lyricists linked up first time on a song titled “Palmolive” off Freddie’s album “Bandana” then 38 years old rapper gave praise to Pusha in an interview as he called him all time great

Right now Pusha-T for sure. he’s definitely one of the best rappers to me. He’s an all-time great.Pusha, he’s definitely an inspiration to me. I saw what he did last year with his album (Daytona) and the run he went on that was really inspirational. He definitely gave me some gas to push forward with this.”

Meanwhile Pusha-T has recently promised fans that he’s going to release follow-up to Daytona in few months as the production of the yet to be announced album will be handled by likes of Pharrell Williams and Kanye West.