Watch: PnB Rock releses new Visual for “Rose Gold” feat. King Von

A few days ago, PnB released “Rose Gold” a tribute song to his late friend with a posthumous verse from King Von,. Today he dropped the music video for the track.

The lyrics contain feelings that were left from losing his friends.

“Two-tone rose gold, Cartier skeleton. I ride with my dogs whether right or wrong,” Rock raps. “I got all these scars cuz my n—s gone. Tat ’em on my back and put ’em in my songs.”

“Rose Gold” turns art into reality by giving way to a

“Before I die they gon’ remember me/For being in these streets and slanging heat, ain’t ducked no enemies,” Von prophesies. “T.Roy got killed, that made me crazy/Couldn’t do s—t, I was in them cages/Fighting murder ones, Couldn’t even see my son.”

During an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, PnB Rock told the story about his meeting with King Von through Lil Durk.

“Me and Von connected outside of music. I met him through Durk, and that’s the word. He just was a cool individual, he was different. He was a rare breed. And me and him tapped up it was like this,” he remembered. “We was more so on a brotherhood, as far as like… if I’m ever in his city, he up in my city? We linked up, we pooled up. It wasn’t only just music, that was some brotherhood we had bro. He was just a cool down to earth individual man.” He went on to explain that he explained how the song came together in a matter of days.

“I ain’t even going to cap. When I did the song, I originally did the song… I was sitting on it, I had it for a day or two. I was like, Man, me and Von were FaceTiming. He was like, ‘Yo, send me one of them bonds.’ Man, I was like, ‘I ain’t going to lie. I did one of them jawns two days ago, that you might go crazy on this.’ It was kind of different, it’s like this some next-level s-t and then we got turn this one up,” he said. “I sent it to him, he literally sent it back the same day.”