Soulja Boy sued over sexual assault allegations

A woman who says she was employed by Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, as his personal assistant, alleges in a lawsuit filed Thursday that the artist sexually abused her, holding her against her will and refusing to pay her.

The woman began working for Soulja in California at the end of 2018. Way agreed to pay her $500 a week. She claims in her suit her responsibilities involved chauffeuring, cleaning, cooking, and other tasks.

The lawsuit says the abuse began when Way sent the woman a picture of his penis after less than a month of her employment. The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles.

“A brief consensual relationship developed, but it soon devolved into violence,” a press release from Doe’s lawyer.

In February, Way sexually assaulted the woman for the first time, the suit said, adding that he “expressed remorse” after and gave her $1,000. Later, “on numerous occasions, and sometimes twice in the same day, Defendant Way would inappropriately touch Plaintiff’s body, forcefully pull her pants off, and raped her,” the suit said.

Way would often become jealous when the woman got comments on Instagram or got a phone call and would respond by throwing her to the floor and kicking her in the rib or punching her, the lawsuit alleged.

“Over the course of this abusive relationship, Defendant Way punched Plaintiff directly in the head on at least ten separate occasions,” the suit said.

This lawsuit filed by Jane Doe comes after Way was sued for assault in January 2020 by a woman named Kayla Myers who says she had a romantic relationship with Way.