Logic talks J. Cole, Kendrick, Andre 3K criticism and says Drake’s “The most sh*t on artist”

Retired rapper Logic talks about his fellow rappers like J. Cole, Kendrick and Drake on Twitch. Logic talks about artists being hated, he thinks “you cannot be great without being hated on”.

Logic says, “Would y’all argue that Drake is the most sh*t on artist in the world? I would, I would say Drake is, like, without a doubt. It’s not even a contest, people sh*t on Drake. Now, the thing I love about Drake, is he embraces it. Certified Lover Boy, what kind of simp sh*t is [that]!?” Logic joked, he also stated that Drake is a “genius” for naming the title for his next album.

Bobby then talked about the hate J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar get, “How the f*ck can you hate on Kendrick?”, asked Logic.

He continued, “But these people do it and it’s just so funny. It’s like, you cannot be that great without being hated on.”

He also talked about Andre 3000 being criticized for his style and Mac Miller being cancelled.