Rick Ross is facing serious backlash after a re-surfaced clip of him on VH1’s ‘Signed’

Few years ago, VH1 launched a new talent show named “Signed”. The series invited unsigned musicans to Atlanta to audition in front of three judges — The-Dream, Rick Ross, and Lenny S. The purpose of the show was to find a new R&B star then transform her into a star. Signed was canceled after its first and only season, but recently, a clip from it resurfaced on Twitter and it is caused fans criticism on Rick Ross.

Two contestants of the show, named Kaiya and Brittany were auditioning for the judges. They both used an instrumental of the Mississippi rapper’s “Ashton Martin Music,”. Once Brittany completed her version, Ross and Dream applauded her. Then another contestant used had the same beat as her and that person would be Kaiya.

“Your use of the “Ashton Martin Music” instrumental wasn’t the best platform for your voice. You have a unique voice and Brit did sound better than yours. Every time you present your music, you better be a superstar.” – Ross said to Kaiya.

But contestant thought otherwise – “My song is original. I wrote it myself. Brittany used the same exact melody and the same ad-libs. You didn’t change anything, I think he was so blinded by the butt that he wasn’t paying attention like that.” – Kaiya shared her thoughts with viewers after her audition.

After the clip resurfaced on Twitter, fans have been flaying Rick and proclaimed that Kaiya clearly had the better audition.