Adam22 expands his thoughts on Iggy sabotaging Playboi Carti

In the latest interview clip from Vlad TV, Adam22 explained why he accused Iggy Azalea of sabotaging Playboi Carti’s album release. Internet personality thinks that Australian born artist stayed quiet while they were in the relationship and she finally decided to let all out on the day before the WLR drop. While DJ Vlad questioned how Iggy could have been on the verge of breaking, Adam was more compassionate towards the female rapper: “To be fair, the scenario she was describing did sound f*cking crazy if he was really at her house the night before telling her they were going on this family vacation and all this shit and then right at the end choose an album release party…I feel for her.” He stated, “I feel like she was a woman who had been pushed to her very last strain of sanity.”

Conversation then shifted to Vlad and no jumper host discussing the differences between being married and dating someone before discussing Playboi Carti’s silence on the matter.

Iggy azalea has fired shots at her ex Playboi Carti on the night of the release of his highly anticipated album “Whole Lotta Red”. Iggy blamed Carti for ignoring their son Onyx Carter during the release party for album. she tweeted “Too bad you got an album out but can’t even come to Christmas with your own son.”