Nore reveled why he once declined Big Sean’s handshake

NORE says he shut down Big Sean’s salute after he could not get the Detroit rapper on a track.

N.O.R.E was a certified artist who worked with real legends and made hits before becoming podcast icon. On the latest instalment of Drinks Champs with Ace Hood, he discussed the time that he got somewhat immature with modern day great Big Sean. However, Noreaga noted that there  may have been mistake on his part, by not reaching out to the right people to get Detroit rapper on the song.

“Maybe I went through the wrong people to get to Big Sean because when I seen him later on in life, he acted like he really didn’t understand,” NORE started telling story. “I’m still cold as shit but I’m still NORE.”

He said that he saw Sean at a concert backstage and he gave him a CD right when the rapper was leaving the stage. It seems main reason that made him petty in this situation was that Roc nation artist ignored his tape.

“To me, it’s disrespect. It’s big time disrespect, right? I ain’t got no problem with Big Sean… We outside as we usually be. Big Sean sees us in town, walks up to me. Says, ‘I’m a big fan,'” he added. “I said, ‘No you’re not!”

You can watch whole episode of DrinkChamps, by N.O.R.E & DJ EFN with Ace Hood as guest below: