Young Zee from Outsidaz says Az Izz lies about Eminem & explains the whole situation

Few days ago, Outsidaz member Az Izz released a diss track towards Eminem. He says his diss track made Eminem to retire on DoggieDiamondsTV.

Young Zee, one of the founding members of Outsidaz talks about the whole situation.

“Somebody sent me the link to that interview and I just heard bunch of bulls**t. I would not paying this little rat no attention but once I saw he talking about origin of Outsidaz I was like ‘bro why are you lying?’ He said lots of stuff about Em that’s totally not true. How he used to hang out with Em in my house? What he talking about? he met Eminem in a process of working on music. He thinks Eminem own him something? Em owns him nothing! He has no right to jump on Em. He thinks Eminem stole his style? That’s a total lie.

Eminem put me on mad s**t. Az Izz never did a tour with Eminem. I did 8 tours. He put me on 8 Mile soundtracks, D12, I made millions of dollars with Eminem. Literally millions of dollars. He doesn’t owe me nothing else. We are two people who rhymed together, that knew each other with respect of good rapping. He doesn’t owe me nothing. We did all this for the love of hip-hop and for the love of each other as a person.

Watch the full interview below: