Adam22 thinks Lil Pump hurting his rap career by dissing Eminem

No Jumper host Adam 22, real name Adam John Grandmaison recently talked about Lil Pump and Eminem situation on VLAD TV.

”It does not feel like he is necessarily huge right now. I wonder, to what extent, the people would be open to a comeback. It kind of feels like the Eminem thing and the Trump thing, to whatever extent people we are gonna be open to hearing him again, it kind of feels like a lot of that might have closed the door for people’s willingness to f**k with him. Not artists but the fans, you know”, said Adam.

He continued, “He is kind of running through a lot of same stuff that he already got popping off. Saying ‘F**k Eminem’ right now is same like saying ‘F**k J. Cole’ at that time. You pick an elite rapper who is beloved and say ‘F**k you.’ That will get viral for a little bit but where do you go from there? So I did not love seeing that. It was kind of bummer”.

Watch the clip below: