Lil Baby predicts top 3 future rappers

In the latest interview with Billboard, Atlanta rapper Lil Baby predicts top 3 future Emcees.

“Roddy Ricch for sure, DaBaby for sure. You take me out of there, Megan Thee Stallion. Them three is solidified, but it’s gonna be three new of them, for sure”, says Lil Baby.

He continued, “There might be three new of them three times before 2030, and with me? That’s four”, So there’s gonna be four new of us 2030, the way it’s going. But the way we’ve solidified our spots, we’re here. That little crew, I think we’re the leaders of the new generation.”

Lil Baby’s second studio album my turn ended up as the highest selling album across all genres in 2020 in the US. The album has sold over 2,570,000 units in the US alone in 2020.