Watch: Migos released “Culture III” trailer

Migos dropped “The Process Of 3” Teaser clip before ‘Culture III’ Album release. Now that it’s official  anticipation reached the top, with fans going crazy on different social nets.

Super popular trio’s fans have been longing for groups third studio album since Culture II, which went two time platinum since January 2018. Yesterday Quavo posted teaser on Culture II’s three-year anniversary, Rappers shared teaser trailer via Instagram for the forthcoming project.


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Quavo, Offset and Takeoff speak about their feeling and mindset during making of the project:

“We been having time to bond with each other and time to spend, because our solo careers been allowing us to do different things,” said Quavo. “We got relationships, and we growing.” Offset expands about the significance of last album in a trilogy, and Takeoff reveals that they have had many sleepless nights.

“Being locked in, you still have stuff to write about,” added Takeoff. “But you’re not out there moving, taking trips, going from state to state. Getting energy from places. It gives you more things to rap about.” “Quarantine been a pro and a con,” says Quavo. “It’s time for us to crack down and bond and know about our business, get things squared away. No bad feelings, no hard feelings nowhere.”