New Music Video : 2 Chainz – “Grey Area”

Atlanta vet 2 Chainz has shared a new music video today titled “Grey Area” in support of his last year album “So Help Me God” which received lukewarm reactions from fans. Thanks to motion family teams special VFX effects as 2 Chainz transforms into a dog. Watch below:


On an interview with Apple Music’s Ebro, 2 Chainz explained how this song came together:

I went to the ‘yo and I was rocking with my man Dallas Martin and he had a young producer over there, Jay the Great. When producers play beats, they [get] three to five. I don’t like to listen to beats all day. I don’t want to hear your “experimental folder”. So I told them three to five beats, and this was the third beat and I just went straight in, and that’s what was on my mind, I guess.