T.I & his wife accused of sexually exploiting women and minors

Multiple women have come forward with stories describing the alleged trafficking, accusing the couple of pressuring them into taking part in sexual situations involving  money and drugs.

Recently, T.I. was accused Sabrina Peterson of holding a gun to her head in front of her kids. According to her, she didn’t not press charges or file a police report, but chose to break her silence because rapper was making her out as a villain. She came out with the allegations this week via Instagram. “The sad part about being a woman & being  a black woman is this!” she started  The public praises our predators!you put a gun to my head in front of children & i never called the police on you! But for years you have painted me as the villain!” alleged victim continued on the struggles of black women, “As black woman! It’s hard to heal from r*pe, violence or anything because you are painted as the problem or reason this has happened to you”


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One anonymous woman tolls about an incident that happened during CIAA in 2016. She claims she went to couple’s hotel suite at the Ritz-Carlton and her phone was taken away, while molly and cocaine were given instead. Only the people who removed their pants were told to stay. “I watched him drag girls back and forth from the bedroom, to the bathroom, to the living room,” she wrote. “One girl was crying because she wanted to leave but they refused to give her her phone to call an Uber.”

Another alleged victim says she was working as an escort in 2013 when T.I. offered her to take drugs and have sex with the couple for money. She states Tip’s wife got upset because rapper was showing her more attention and hit her before he “choked” her out.

Story is still developing and number of reports for alleged crimes are still rising. Harris family haven’t made any statements as of yet.