Lil Baby is opening his restaurant in Atlanta

Lil Baby is opening his restaurant in Atlanta. In a chat with XXL Lil Baby said, “Actually, I have a new restaurant and I’ma open it in Atlanta”. He continued, “It was supposed to be open by January, but we had to finish the stages, so maybe, February, March.”

In the latest interview with Billboard, Atlanta rapper Lil Baby reveals he and Drake got lot of songs together.

“Me and Drake got a lot of songs together, right,” Lil Baby said. “It just so happened that one of the songs I recorded was at James [Harden’s] studio. I ain’t delete the songs out the computer so the songs were still [there]. James probably got the team at the house and they just listening in the studio.”

The Bigger Picture rapper also predicts top 3 future Emcees.

“Roddy Ricch for sure, DaBaby for sure. You take me out of there, Megan Thee Stallion. Them three is solidified, but it’s gonna be three new of them, for sure”, says Baby.

He continued, “There might be three new of them three times before 2030, and with me? That’s four”, So there’s gonna be four new of us 2030, the way it’s going. But the way we’ve solidified our spots, we’re here. That little crew, I think we’re the leaders of the new generation.”