Madlib reveals Kendrick Lamar reached out to him for “To Pimp A Butterfly” but he didn’t respond

One of the finest Hip-Hop producer Madlib has released a new album earlier this month titled “Sound Ancestors” . For the interview surrounding the album’s making and loss of his collaborator MF DOOM, Madlib sat down with The Guardian,where he also revealed something that might be upsetting for Hip-Hop fans. Madlib says few years ago Kendrick himself called him to get his ear on “To Pimp A Butterfly” to which the Westcoast producer ignored,he now regrets doing it.

Back then I was more elusive than I am now.I was busy on my own thing. Missed opportunities, man.

Madlib also adds collaborating with Kendrick “probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway ‘cos I’m like a sore thumb.” He says he hasn’t been in studio properly with Freddie Gibbs that much with whom he has joint albums titled “Pinata” and “Bandana”. Kendrick on the other hand has worked with some respected musicians on his 2015 groundbreaking album “To Pimp A Butterfly” like Robert Glasper, George Clinton who always shared their story of studio sessions with him.

Later in the interview Madlib gave shout out to Kendrick Lamar’s revolutionary potential and expected more artists would be like him. Even though both of them never connected directly, Madlib has produced a Kanye West and Kendrick collaboration titled “No More Parties in L.A.” which ended up in Ye’s 2016 album “The Life Of Pablo”