Lil Durk goes live while being pulled over by authorities

On Saturday night, (Jan. 30), hip hop star Lil Durk was pulled over by police while with his girlfriend, India Royale. The authorities suspected that Durk had a weapon on him but, after short investigating, the police let him go.

The rapper wanted his fans to know what was going down and decided to go live during the interaction. He answers calmly the questions from an officer city of birth and date of birth.

“So I don’t have to write tickets and all that good stuff, Y’all are good to go. Slow down for me. Clean the car out, make it smell better so you don’t get searched again. Drive safe” – says the officer after several minutes.

“Niggas tried to get us, ya heard me? Pull back over so I can tell them download the album” Durk jokes at the end of the video.

Durk had a very busy 2020. He has been promoting the release of his project The Voice. On last Friday, Durk dropped deluxe version of his brand new project. Fans are excited to see what will be his next stop.