The Game: “I love Kendrick but he can’t outrap me”

Clubhouse is currently hottest app for Hip-Hop discussions ,as every week many rappers, producers etc.. join to debate on various topics related to rap which create headlines. Yesterday Westcoast’s OGs Crooked I,Glasses Malone created a chat room where they discussed greatest rappers of all time from Compton also greatest records and diss songs from there. The Game joined the room where he boldly claimed he’s best ever to do it as far as rappers from Compton are concerned and not even Kendrick Lamar can f–k with him.

Can’t nobody in Compton outrap Game …Kendrick my n***a ,Kendrick doing his shit.I love that n***a to death . I flew past Kendrick when that n***a was on foot,n***a in range rover and showed him how to do this shit” exclaimed The Game who has took young Kendrick Lamar on tour he also was one of the rappers who passed Kendrick the torch of westcoast hip-hop. Game finished his rant by saying “Hardest n***a in Compton , rapping, lyricist – it’s me! Any n***a who say any different i body him and the n***a he f–k with”

Later Game was asked if he have to take himself out of the equation then who will be in Greatest Rappers of all time from Compton list,to which he quickly replied with “Kendrick Lamar,MC Ren,DJ Quik”

Listen to the full conversation below: