Wack 100 explains how he helped in ending 50 Cent & The Game beef

Wack 100 is the manger for Blueface and The Game. In a conversation with AllHipHop Wack 100 explains how he helped in ending The Game and 50 Cent’s beef.

“I mean you gotta understand with any war comes peace eventually and a lot of wars are the fault of men’s egos, the onlookers and the little fires being started, I think it was a misunderstanding that spiraled out of control. Once I was able to speak with 50, and speak with Game and put them together to speak; me and Monster [50’s head of security] supervised that…it was no tension”, said Wack 100.

He continued, “They sat there and wrapped their arms around each other and whispered in each other’s ear, head nodded and laughed and giggled and shook each other’s hands as if nothing had ever happened…”.