Post Malone had to get a chiefs tattoo because he lost a bet

American hip hop artist Post Malone recently stopped by Seth Meyers Live on February 1st. Meyers asked Posty about the noise of construction going on in the background.

“You know, it might be part of it, We’re doing some fun stuff over here like marble beer pong tables… you know, the bunker’s coming, things take a little bit” replied Malone.

The musician is nominated for three awards at the upcoming Grammys. He also told Meyers he was very proud of his upcoming Super Bowl Bud Light Legends commercial.

“I love football and I also love beer.” – said the rapper.

Malone once again recounted the story of how he ended up with a Chiefs tattoo on his arm after losing a beer pong game to Chief’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce.

“Bets and alcohol get involved and it never turns out good, Anything I get is very spur-of-the-moment.” said Posty.

Watch Post Malone on Late Night: