The Weeknd promises ‘something we’ve never seen before’ at Super Bowl 2021

R&B megastar The Weeknd wants Super Bowl viewers to draw their own conclusions on his upcoming halftime performance Sunday night, February 7, 2021.

“I don’t like to spoon-feed the audience. Hopefully, they can pick up some of their own theories and conclusions of what the show is saying and the story I აm telling in the performance.” says Weeknd.

“Due to COVID and for the safety of the players and the workers, we built the stage within the stadium. We’re also using the field as well, but we wanted to do something we’ve never done before, so we built the stage in the stadium. I’m not going to tell you anything else because you’ll have to watch on Sunday.” Abel added.

Previously, it was also reported that The Weeknd has put up $7 million of his own money for his Super Bowl halftime show.

You can watch the full conference below: