Sauce Walka threatens then “exposes” 21 Savage after Cubic Zirconia joke

Dj Academiks shared short clubhouse clip where 21 savage lightly jokes about Sauce Walka’s $250k face implant.

After Lil Uzi Vert revealed that he spent $24 million on a rare pink diamond only to have it surgically placed into his forehead, Twitter hailstorm started over “who did it first”. Uzi stated that he’s been paying for the diamond since 2017, and just recently he decided to do the surgery. However, Sauce Walka believes, and he even judged Uzi for getting the implant just weeks after Walka.

Recently on Clubhouse, someone mentioned the debate and 21 Savage was on the panel. “I think Sauce Walka got Cubic Zirconia,” the rapper joked.

Sauce Walka had some things to say. after  21 Savage joked that Walka’s diamond was cubic zirconia, and it seems that Sauce Walka is ready for smoke.

“But you do know who I’m talkin’ ’bout. Shut yo b*tch ass up before I get to talkin’ sh*t about you,””You don’t want me to expose you.” In the caption, he added, “@21savage Hatin & Pillow talkin to them hoes….. IG got u PUNK n*ggaz hurt huh F*CK IT new classic drippin grab ya phone.”

After that, Sauce showed screenshot of 21 savage DM to prove that Atlanta rapper doesn’t want that smoke.


21 Savage responded by showing whole convo via IG story