Dax releases new music video “KILLSHOT 3”

Dax is back with the third installment of his “KILLSHOT” series that started as the freestyle on the beat of Eminem’s one of the most popular diss tracks “KILLSHOT” towards Machine Gun Kelly.

Dax released the video of KILLSHOT 2 one year ago and now he is back with KILLSHOT 3.

The Canadian rapper also dropped a video for the remix of Eminem’s 2013 hit single “Rap God” on YouTube recently. The video has been shot in a single take and Dax raps for over 6 minutes on the Rap God beat produced by DVLP.

In KILLSHOT 3 Dax claims he is bringing real rap back and name drops Eminem, Tupac, Hopsin and J. Cole.

Watch the video of KILLSHOT 3 below: