[Watch] Flo Milli drops new music video for “Roaring 20s”

On Wednesday February 5, Flo Milli revealed her ‘Roaring 20s’ in New Music Video.

Alabama rapper released “Roaring 20s” song few weeks ago. The song is based on a sample of “If I Were a Rich Man,” – where the 1964 musical’s main character imagines an escape from the of life a working-class Jew in early-20th-century Russia. Milli stated that she felt inspired by her own Roaring 20s, having been born in 2000 and emerging on music scene in 2020. “Born in 2000, and having my breakout year in 2020, I feel like I’m living in the new age of the Roaring Twenties,”  she said on press release.

“One of the most familiar symbols of the ‘Roaring 20s’ was the birth of the new independent woman, known in those years as a flapper. A flapper is a young woman; unbothered by conventional standards of behavior. In addition to being more sexually free than previous generations, the women of the Roaring 20s had the bobbed hair, the short skirts, the drankin’, the smokin’, looks and participated in activities that were deemed ‘unladylike’. My lyrics, my style and my lifestyle all resonate with that freedom and I AM the Roaring 20s.”

Click  the play button to watch the video below.