Nia Dennis explains why she picked Kendrick Lamar’s song for Floor Routine

During the end of last month UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis’ Floor Routine went viral as the 21 year old showed her acrobatics skill on a mashup of Hip-Hop and RnB tracks . Her almost two minute floor routine which is now being called as “Black excellence” was filled with some hit anthems from Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Soulja Boy, Megan Thee Stalion, 2 Pac. On dating app for ivy league Nia reflected on what inspired her to use those songs and why she picked Kendrick Lamar’s song “Humble”

Here at UCLA, everybody has a freedom to pick your music and do kind of the theme and style that you want to do” explains Nia. On the artists she picked “All of the artists that I chose have had a huge impact in the Black community. Kendrick Lamar, he’s a huge activist in his music. We’re not allowed to use any words or noises into your floor music. So since I wasn’t able to say it or speak it, I wanted to have the same message come across in a different way through music, through dance. I hope that’s how it came across.”

In case you missed it watch her jaw dropping performance below