Watch: Snoop Dogg freaks out while watching a contestant does crazy things with nails

Hip hop legend Snoop Dogg partners with TBS talent competition series “Go-Big Show”. During the last episode of the show, a contestant made a very dangerous performance while hammering a nail into her nose. Snoop was unable to watch and screamed.

The situation became crazier when 219-pound professional wrestler Cody Rhodes stand on her stomach as she lies on a bed of nails. And the California rapper screamed louder.

Snoop made debut on The TV show on December 31. The special also featured Snoop’s “Go-Big Show” co-talent Bert Kreischer, Jennifer Nettles, professional wrestler Cody Rhodes, Rosario Dawson.

“I am ready to get it crackin’ with my friends from the “Go-Big Show” and TBS for a New Year’s Eve get together to break in 2021, One thing’s for certain and two thing’s for sure, there ain’t no New Year’s Eve party like a Snoop Dogg party!” – said Snoop Dogg.

Watch the cringey clip from Thursday night’s Go-Big Show:

Go-Big Show airs Thursday nights at 9:00 PM ET on TBS.