Vic Mensa drops new song “Shelter,” ft. Chance The Rapper & Wyclef Jean

Vic Mensa’s has been  regularly giving commentary on the inequalities of United States of America’s prison system and advocates for criminal justice reform. He has teamed up with Chance The Rapper and Wyclef Jean to once again send his message to the masses.

Vic, Chance and Wyclef  dropped the new track “Shelter” where they shined a light on the inequalities while referencing names like Breonna Taylor, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Julius Jones and Elijah McLain in their lyrics.

Some quotable lyrics are: “You tell me not to move with my gun / But we got more funeral homes than schools where I’m from / And on the news, all you view is homicides / Tell me why it ain’t no trauma units when everybody traumatized?”

Stream the new track below: