Cardi B responds to accusations of stealing hook for latest single

Yesterday the hit machine Cardi B returned with her solo single “Up”,as expected the raunchy track and music video is dominating on charts already. Right after the release of song New Jersey based rapper Mir Fontane has accused  Cardi B with claims that she stole hook from his last year’s song.

On her latest single UP’s hook Cardi raps “If it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s stuck”, meanwhile on his September 2020 track titled “Stuck” ,Mir Fontane rapped “If it’s up then it’s stuck,Up then it’s stuck, yeah”.

Since the huge difference between release of both songs it might be easy to think Mir has got a strong point here but no it gets much more complex than that cause Cardi B first previewed snippet of “UP” a month ago of Mir’s single release. After Cardi’s response Mir noted he had previewed his song “Stuck” before Cardi did.


Cardi later defended herself with saying that the the hook itself is a very popular phrase and has been used many times

On her Youtube Live Q&A Cardi gave credit to Offset and her Atlanta roots for the inspiration of hook. Meanwhile Mir has hinted on the possibility of being on the remix of UP or being credited as a writer as a compensation.