If Post Malone hadn’t done music he could’ve been a Minecraft player

Today, Minecraft is more popular than ever. Can you imagine that when Post Malone was still a teenager, he was once part of a Minecraft gaming group team Crafted.

This team was founded in February 2012, according to their Fandom page. Online creators like KermitPlaysMC, SkyDoesMinecraft, Setosorcerer, MinecraftUniverse, HuskyMudkipper, and others were the group’s members.

After two years the group bought a house together in LA, where they would meet up to vlog and create content together. After a lot of drama, Team Crafted officially disbanded in March 2014, just two years after its creation.

Post Malone can be seen in some of the group’s vlogs together:

Post Malone can be seen singing with his Team Crafted friends. Post Malones’ username isn’t listed on the Team Crafted Fandom page.