Listen : Roddy Ricch previews new music on Instagram

One of the most successful rapper of last year, Roddy Ricch has been talking about his follow up to “Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial” for quite some time now. Today Roddy has finally shared a snippet himself on Instagram Live just few hours ago.

From almost one minute snippet it’s safe to say 22 year old is preparing to deliver much more heat on his next project. Check out the new snippet below:


Back in December Roddy Ricch explained why he isn’t rushing to release his next album :

I feel like the problem with us nowadays is we want everything right now. But the music isn’t gonna be progressive when you’re putting something out every three months, because you ain’t been through nothing; you still feel like how you felt when you [last] dropped the music. To me, stuff doesn’t happen in my life every single day. Maybe for some people it does, but my life don’t happen that fast. I have to give myself time to actually go through things so I can speak on it, and have a new understanding of life.”