Drake & Jack Harlow pranked by Kylie Jenner’s friend

A few weeks ago, new viral trend on TikTok started to emerge and Kardashian family played a big role, prank-calling celebrities on FaceTime and telling them “Sorry, I’m busy, can I call you back later?” before hanging up. Some of the victims were; Travis Scott, Justin Bieber, Dave Chappelle and more.

Recently, kylie Jenner’s BFF, @Stassiebaby recreated the trend by calling some familiar faces like; Jack Harlow, Drake, Pete Davidson, Blake Griffin and others. In Drake’s case reaction is hilarious, as in the video it seems rapper was in middle of workout session and looked confused after Stassie asked if she could call him back. “What?” he said. “What the f–k are you talking about?” – answered Drizzy.

Check out whole prank by Stassie Karanikolaou on different celebrities  bellow.

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