Bryson Tiller reveals “Serenity” will be a Triple-Disc album

Bryson says “Serenity” is going to have three different flavors – R&B, Rap and Pop.

Tiller postponed completing the album for some time, because during production he found himself stressed and he didn’t feel like he was in the right mental condition to do it. Now that R&B star “returned”, he is planning on collaborating with his label, to unleash the album in three volumes: rap, R&B and pop. He says that only a contract on the business side holds back his projects, which is why Serenity won’t come out until next year.

Bryson Tiller recently released his 3rd studio album Anniversary in October 2020, but according to a recent interview, is already working hard on his 4th. Bryson Tiller is undeniably one of the most talented R & B artists of the past few years, having nearly ten million listeners on Spotify monthly.

Kentucky born artist also announced that the deluxe version of latest album will drop later this month, and he has another album in the working process, before  releasing  Serenity.


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