Kodak Black Promises to pay tuition for children of two FBI agents, who were killed

After a presidential pardon, Kodak Black continues to do his charity work for the community. The Florida rapper plans to cover school expenses for the three children of two FBI agents who were shot and killed on the job.

On Friday night, Kodak Black made his first appearance in public after he was released from prison. He appeared at a Tampa Super Bowl party. His lawyer, Brad Cohen noted, that the rapper wants to make sure the children of two deceased FBI agents will be able to afford the best education possible.

“He’s always rised to the top in terms of any kind of charities, any kind of giving, In fact, today.. you know there are two fallen FBI agents in Broward County that had small children. We actually sent a letter over to the FBI director in Miami that Kodak is offering to pay for all three kids’ tuitions going forward.” – Cohen said to the media.